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PBIS, Reflections of Implementation

pbis reflectionsIn our second year of implementing a school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions of Support (PBIS), the growing pains and kick back seems less than when implementing the Response to Interventions (RTI) framework for the academic side of the pyramid.  More than likely a reflection of the direct pressure teacher’s face when evaluated and tied to their academic data.  Additionally, it may be that RTI lead the way and teachers were more receptive to the tiered framework the second time around.

Feedback and reflection are critical as tiered systems move forward.  Without stakeholder buy-in progress cannot be made.  Looking at the feedback after each year of implementation, the second year reveals comments and questions more specified and embedded in the philosophy.  Whereas in the first year, the comments held a wide scope and questioned the intentions and corrections of PBIS.  In the second year, it was interesting and rewarding to see more suggestive comments, questions and feedback about particular programs implemented, and more “we” concerns.

For a third year implementation increasing stakeholder buy-in means we need more connections.  Steps for next year:

  1. Increase Subcommittees – the subcommittees need to take on a more active role. Furthermore, the role must be visible to the entire faculty. Taking the PBIS committee out of the picture sometimes so that a particular subcommittee can shine widening the appearance of participation of faculty.
  2. Focus on Clear Objectives – as the tiers have been assembled and the framework laid, the potential now must be harnessed. Creating a clear and smart objective for the school moving forward will place resources and intentions on the most crucial aspects of continuing to build the framework. For our school, we are continuing to grow the tier 1 supports. We have reviewed data, and determined the number one behavior needing support. This in-turn will guide all programs for all tiers to support this behavior and meet our objective. How we measure this goal in-turn guides the interventions we implement.
  3. Building Community Ties – the PBIS framework has been implemented. Its frame is now visible. The community of parents and businesses now must be introduced more formally to the framework and their support requested. For our school we hope a PTA liaison will bring the parents resources into the picture helping to support many programs with incentives. As we increase the incentives, such as in-school fundraising events and token system and a school run store we hope to have their resources and support to further these programs.

We are still in the infant stage of implementing school-wide PBIS.  Our progress has been steady.  Thoughtfully reigning in our direction and objectives is our best offense going into the third season.


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