About Making Education

buttonbackgroundlogo Making Education is a collection of thoughts, ideas, commentary, yammers, and/or daily accounts of life in education today.  Making education count, making education reforms, making education exceptional, making education superior remains the incentive.  These pages are in no way a reflection of my school district or colleagues.

As an educator, mama, and student I share contemplations both encouraging and frustrating regarding the system and daily classroom experiences.  I have taught high school art, elementary school, and now middle school.  I work in special education — middle school — math.  Yes, everyone’s favorite subject.  I root for the underdog and celebrate differences.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, teacher certification in Art Education Pre K- 12, and a Masters in Special Education.  I am pursuing (as time/budget permits) an Educational Specialists degree.  This serves one goal, to work for reform and change in all future career endeavors.

As one of my favorite quotes by author unknown expresses, “You’re not stuck in traffic, you Are traffic.  We blame society, but we ARE society.”   No good change ever came from an existence of “hey thing are great.” Struggle and dissension birth inventions.  So here I am, believing every intention, small and good make a difference.


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