About Me: Kristen OSullivan

Painter, Teacher, Writer, Paddler, (patchy) Runner, Learner, Wood-burner, Camper, Work-in-progressor. Mama first, always Optimistically-realistic except when I am not grim and grumpy…then I am completely Apologetically-weary.

As an educator and mama, I share my contemplations both encouraging and frustrating regarding the system and daily classroom experiences.  I have taught high school art, elementary school special education, and middle school math special education.  I have worked in urban, rural, and suburban schools. It doesn’t matter where you teach, the perspectives and concerns shared by many sound the same.

My heart lies in the creative process.  The development, creation, and writing — of lessons, training materials, research and missions.   The ability to share this material to produce more engaged students, better informed instructional staff, and educated parents steers all endeavors.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, teacher certification in Art Education Pre K- 12, and a Masters in Special Education and Educational Specialists in Curriculum and Instruction degree.  My varied experiences cross curricular, setting, and population boundaries.

What is my career objective?  To not get bored.  Work to make change, to make life better, and to be present in all endeavors.  To live a life that is creative.  That sustains and empowers each day.  For specific experiences…




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