A favorite quote by author unknown expresses, “You’re not stuck in traffic, you Are traffic.  We blame society, but we ARE society.”

No good change ever came from an existence of “hey things are great.” Struggle and dissension birth inventions.  So here I am, believing every intention, small and good make a difference.

Accomplished administrator, trainer, coach, and education specialist with diverse experiences in exceptional education, art education, private residential, and the public school settings. Proven creative talent with demonstrated strength in solution-oriented leadership skills and a collaborative philosophy across curricula. Comprehensive understanding of tiered systems of supports with implementation and staff training experience. With an ardent belief in the significance of social/emotional education, positive reinforcements, and the creative arts to influence effective practices increasing student achievement, building community connections, and thwarting the “pipeline to prison” as the driving passion of all career endeavors.

I currently work as the Education Director for a private residential facility for child ages 5 to 17 years of age.  Our focus is to provide a proactive, positive, and predicatable learning environment recognizing student strengths and celebrating differences.  Children placed receive diagnostic and therapeutic treatment for trauma impact, mental health issues, abuse, and behavior issues.  Specific duties include supervision of instructional staff, lesson development and revision, exceptional education compliance, faculty training, professional development, and monitoring licensing regulations.

Prior to this position I have worked in both special education and art education in all grades in both rural and urban settings.  A special focus on behaviors, interventions, and academic supports through tiered systems of support remains constant through all endeavors.

Some Highlights

  • Professional development coordinator for trauma-informed care and engaging instructional practices for private residential instructional staff
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) Coordinator, training faculty and supervising the implementation of framework school wide
  • Curriculum development and instruction of a new fine arts program for ages preschool – seniors at a community YMCA
  • Development of  year-long social/emotional curriculum for school-wide middle school programming
  • Development of middle school math enrichment program and curriculum for students with disabilities
  • Mentor and facilitator of FBA/BIP procedures, aiding colleagues to convert to new practices

Please review my resume and writing samples.  All artwork and images are personal works and copyrighted, Kristen OSullivan unless otherwise noted.

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