TOP 10: What Questions Teachers Need to Ask Themselves

top10reflectionWhen dealing with difficult students, teachers can reach their frustration mark very easily.  However, what we know, is that as teachers we can only change our behaviors.  As we head into the new year, remember to ask yourself some reflective questions regarding that difficult student, or even a difficult class.  Here are the top 10 questions you can post somewhere by your desk to help in that moment when you are frustrated, be reflective instead.

  1. Can I offer up alternative solution/environment/seating/activity?
  2. Can I offer academic support?
  3. Can I reteach the desired behavior?
  4. Can I meet with student and discuss?
  5. Can I meet with student and parent?
  6. Can I devise a self-monitoring plan or behavior checklist for that student?
  7. What are the planned incentives for students in my classroom?
  8. What are the planned consequences for students in my classroom?
  9. Are these consistent?
  10. Can the students state these to someone?

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